5 Easy COVID Hacks for Bars

5 Easy COVID Hacks for Bars

5 Easy COVID Hacks for Bars

Outdoor Seating/Standing

COVID-19 spreads slower outdoors. If you do not have outdoor seating already available, it may be worth using part of your parking lot to increase the space between your patrons.

Require Facemasks

We know you are a bar, but it is important for your patrons to wear their face masks if they want to be able to enjoy coming to your business during the pandemic.

Group Seating

If you can space out groups 6 feet apart, you will be able to fit more people in an area while following CDC guidelines

Enforce Social Distancing

You will need to enforce the social distancing if you do not want to become a hot spot.

Capacity Tracking

CDC reccomends cutting your occupancy in half. A good way to track this is with identex!